About Us

AARMY is an audit and research matrix comprising of anaesthetic trainees in East and West Yorkshire. We will provide regular updates regarding current and upcoming projects, meetings and national profile, as well as enthusing you to become involved in our work.

We carry out multi-centre audit, quality improvement and research projects. We are supported by many consultants across Yorkshire at a regional as well as a local level; each hospital in East and West Yorkshire has an AARMY consultant lead. There is increasing momentum and enthusiasm at a national level for trainee groups like AARMY. Currently, there 17 regional networks. These are coordinated by RAFT, the Research and Audit Federation of Trainees which is endorsed by the NIHR. See NIAA & RAFT for more on this.

Other specialties e.g. ophthalmology are also interested in our model, and it is likely that this structure will be taken up by trainee groups across the specialties in the future. This opens us up to further exciting multispeciality projects to help improve the health of our patients.

We are also a member of RAFT, a trainee-led national umbrella group that networks together the multiple UK regional anaesthetic research groups. It aims to facilitate annual national anaesthetic trainee-led projects, to improve access for trainees to clinical research & to promote the 'collaborative model' of 'team UK anaesthesia'. It is supported by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA), the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) and the Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI).

What have we done?

Soon after AARMY was established, we ran a hugely successful region-wide project looking at the incidence of anaphylaxis in anaesthesia. This study was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, and presented to the Yorkshire Society of Anaesthetists and to the Anaesthetic Research Society Conference.

Since then, we have been working hard to re-structure the committee and develop important ties with RAFT and other regional groups. We have been involved in national projects including a national survey of the use of cardiac output monitoring during surgery.

We are about to commence our next project, which will not only run across West/East Yorkshire, but will spread to other regions nationwide, and is supported by the AAGBI.

We want you to be involved!

Our Aims

The following 5 aims are what AARMY sets out to do...


Facilitate large scale multi-centre audit and research in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery.

Rotation Friendly

Allow trainees to participate, lead and continue their projects as they rotate between the hospitals in the region.

Annex G ARCP Requirements

Increase the opportunity for anaesthetic trainees to participate in the research and provide opportunity to meet the requirements of Annex G of the Royal College of Anaesthetists training program.

Attract Funding

Attract funding for research, audit and quality improvement projects.


Provide a network of communications and a voice for trainees interested in such projects.