The full title of this project is the 'Impact of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance and Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) schemes on uptake of cardiac output monitors across the National Health Service (NHS): a trainee-led national survey'.

National Health Service (NHS) guidelines and financial incentive schemes recommend peri-operative cardiac output monitor (COM) use in certain 'at-risk' patient groups. Uptake and implementation of these monitors has not been well described in the United Kingdom (UK). The Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT) undertook a national survey to describe the procurement of this technology.

A prospective, interview-based, clinical practice survey was conducted in June 2014 to investigate 1) availability and type of COMs at UK RAFT hospitals and 2) date and reason for their purchase. Requirement for research ethics approval was waived. RAFT trainees at each site completed the survey by interviewing either the clinical or equipment leads. Information on guidelines and training was collected and a physical count of COMs was performed. Data was centralised using a RAFT-designed web-based system.

Preliminary results have been presented at the Anaesthetic Research Society in May 2015 and the full paper is currently submitted to a journal awaiting review. Once published, the full results and reference will appear here. Because AARMY contributed data from 100% hospitals in East and West Yorkshire (only achieved by one other group), one of the AARMY leads was invited to present this on behalf of RAFT at the Anaesthetic Research Society.

This represents a really good effort from Yorkshire! All contributors (Caroline Thomas, Mamoon Yusaf, Shaun Knight, Claire Tuffin, Chloe Fairbairns, Rob Jackson, Priya Shankar, Sarah Campion, Omer Farooq, Andrew McDonald, Roshan Rao, Eusebius Nworah, Zakaulla Belagodu) will be recognised as such in the publication and will be searchable via PubMed.